About School Board Monitor

School Board Monitor is a service provided by AdminMonitor for School Boards to make their meetings available online. Making the meetings available online (live or recorded) and allowing quick retrieval of the items of special interest to the viewer will enhance your community engagement. We can handle the whole process for you. This includes camera installation, livestreaming, smart tool enhancement, and developing easy interfaces for your webmaster on your own website.

AdminMonitor has been Webcasting important meetings, special events and workshops since 2000. We have state of the art equipment, and a qualified staff to make live streaming or archival viewing on demand for you, your staff and your community.

Features And Benefits

  • View meetings live, from any current device, from anywhere with a broadband connection.
  • A comprehensive archive is available for you and your parents, teachers and other stakeholders for research and review purposes.
  • Agenda specific clips available to review current issues under discussion.
  • No plug in or special video player software required.
  • Closed captioning available on archive viewing