Texas House Bill 283

Texas House Bill 283 took effect on January 1, 2016. We can assist you with compliance if you need a service provider. House Bill 283 (H.B. 283) requires all government organizations, school boards, and school districts to "make a video and audio recording of reasonable quality of each regularly scheduled open meeting" available on the internet and then make each recording available online for a minimum of two years.

To do so, municipal governments, school boards, and school districts will require a reliable, high quality platform for hosting and delivering video content. School Board Monitor is the ideal solution for municipal governments, school boards, and school districts seeking compliance with Texas H.B. 283.

The School Board Monitor offers an all-in-one solution for streaming, recording, hosting, and delivering live and recorded video footage to almost any device including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Recording Package

This package is for the compliance-minded School Board. Our Recording Option includes filming and archiving your Board meetings, bringing you into HB283 compliance.

Streaming Package

Our streaming package includes live-streaming of your Board meetings, plus archiving. Our Streaming Option brings your district into our live-streaming video world, and also brings your district into HB283 compliance.