Whether your district wants the static camera views, simple filming and archiving of Board Meetings for legal compliance, or if you decide you want Multiple Camera, Switchable, Manned, High Definition, live-streaming, and archiving of the proceedings...

School Board Monitor can customize the solution for your district. We have been working with State and Local Governments web-streaming Regulatory Proceedings since 2000. Our experienced staff is well qualified to work with you in selecting the specific level of service required to meet your needs.

Recording Package

This package is for the compliance-minded School Board. Our Recording Option includes filming and archiving your Board meetings, bringing you into HB283 compliance.

Streaming Package

Our streaming package includes live-streaming of your Board meetings, plus archiving. Our Streaming Option brings your district into our live-streaming video world, and also brings your district into HB283 compliance.

Website Integration

We can host your video or provide integration tools to automate the videos being streamed and/or archived on your website.